TMSCA Online Practice Meets


TMSCA will use an online format for the High School

State Meet and the Middle School Championship Meet.

TMSCA will offer online meets enabling students to

familiarize themselves with the format for the

qualifying meets (middle school) and the state

meets for both middle school and high school.

Dates for the TMSCA Online Meets are given below.



2/6/21 HS #10 MS #10
2/13/21 Open  (UIL B) MS #11
2/20/21 HS #11 MS #11A
2/27/21 HS #12  (No OL) (Open Date)
3/6/21 HS #13 UIL D MS #12 (Q1)
3/13/21 ---- MS #13 (Q2)
3/20/21 HS State OPEN
3/27/21 ----- MS Reg (Q3)
4/10/21 ---- Tune-Up
4/24/21 ---- MS State