2021 TMSCA MS Qualifying Meets Format




For 2021, all testing for the three middle school qualifying meets will be done on-line using

the TMSCA website for registration and the TMSCA host website for testing. All testing

must be done under the direct supervision of a TMSCA coach/sponsor at the school's

campus location. There will be no individual, at-home testing allowed. Testing

procedures will follow the previously published Procedures and Guidelines for TMSCA on-line

testing. Even if you have participated in prior practice meets, please make sure and review

the revised procedures as they are updated after each practice meet to reflect any program

changes or to address any issues that occurred in the previous meet(s).


For the first two Individual Qualifiers, 3/6/21 (TMSCA #12) and 3/13/21

(TMSCA #13), all schools will register using the TMSCA website. Both of these meets

will be a single meet for the entire state, as qualifying at these meets is determined by

individual score only. Awards will be given for these two meets in the same manner as previous

TMSCA practice on-line meets in the following divisions: 6A, 5A and 1A-4A. Preliminary results

will be available the day of the meet and posted in the shared meet folder.


For all qualifying meets, official results will be posted on the TMSCA website by

the Sunday following the meet and official school lists of students who qualified

will be placed in the meet shared folder by 6:00 pm on Wednesday following the

meet. You will be responsible to download and to print your own individual school list

of qualified students and to verify the accuracy of these reports.


For the Regional Meets on 3/27/21, the format will be different. Registration will still

be through the TMSCA website. However, in order for schools to have the same qualifying

opportunities that they have had in the past at "live" Regional Meets, there will be

twelve (12) different qualifying Regional meets. No awards will be given at these twelve

meets. Students will be able to qualify by individual score, team (top 2) in each event in their

classification, and by rank (places 1-3, in all grade levels, all events, in each UIL classification).

Each of these meets will be numbered and correspond to the geographic regions where the

"live" Regional meets were held. It is recommended that schools register for the Regional

meet that corresponds to the same meet location that they attended in prior years. Here

are the listings for the Regional Meets:


TMSCA REGIONAL #1 (aka Andrews MS/West Texas area)

TMSCA REGIONAL #2 ( aka Azle HS/DFW area)

TMSCA REGIONAL #3 (aka Charles MS/El Paso area)

TMSCA REGIONAL #4 (aka Fort Settlement MS/Houston area)

TMSCA REGIONAL #5 (aka Grapevine MS/DFW area)

TMSCA REGIONAL #6 (aka Odom Academy/Beaumont area)

TMSCA REGIONAL #7 (aka MESAC/San Antonio area)

TMSCA REGIONAL #8 (aka Sharyland NJH/McAllen area)

TMSCA REGIONAL #9 (aka Tioga HS/North Central Texas area)

TMSCA REGIONAL #10 (aka Upchurch MS/East Texas area)

TMSCA REGIONAL #11 (aka Whiteface MS/West Texas area)

TMSCA REGIONAL #12 (aka Wylie JH/Abilene area)


We hope to see your school participating in these qualifying meets and eventually in the

TMSCA MS Championship meet on 4/24/21.



Julie Majewski-Smith

Executive Director TMSCA

Phone: 940.563.1005

Fax: 940.563.1006