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TMSCA Executive Board Sets 2021 State Meets' Format


The TMSCA Executive Board met on 12/12/20. They unanimously voted to have

the 2021 TMSCA High School State and Middle School Championship Meets' as



However, because of the COVID-19 situation across the state, both meets will be

hosted in an on-line format. The Board is currently exploring several options for

the formatting/platform of these meets; details will be announced in mid-January.


Again, the Board felt strongly that TMSCA participants needed this opportunity to

showcase their academic talents, and the Board is dedicated to giving them the

best experience possible given the constraints of the COVID situation.


Please continue to check the TMSCA website for updates and be looking for

updated emails with details.


2021 Middle School Qualifying Scores


These are goals for your students, but you understand that the scores might be adjusted for any issues created by the use of the underlying format.


NS Cal Math Sci
6th 50 140 60 60
7th 75 170 90 80
8th 100 200 120 100


NS Cal Math Sci
6th 65 160 90 80
7th 105 190 120 110
8th 145 220 150 130